What is ZPW-29 Rotary Press Machine

ZPW-29 rotary press machine is widely used in the pharmaceutical,food, chemical, electronics and other industries. The Max Diameter of the tablet can be 24mm, Max Thickness of the tablet can be 6mm.

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ZPW-29 Rotary Press Machine parameter

Model ZPW-29 ZPW-31
Punch quantity 29pcs 31pcs
Capacity 125000pcs/h 135000pcs/h
Power 3-5.5kw 3-5.5kw
Max Tablet Diameter 24mm 22mm
Max Pressure 80KN 80KN
Max Filling Depth 15mm 15mm
Max Tablet Thickness 6mm 6mm
Speed 14-37r/min 14-37r/min
Dimensions 1230*950*1670mm 1230*950*1670mm
Weight 1700kg 1700kg

Features of the ZPW-29 Rotary Press Machine

1.Tablet thickness and speed can be adjusted
2.Stainless steel material and Fully enclosed,meet GMP standards.
3.High pressure and large range of tableting, it can press ordinary, special-shaped, circular and other shapes of tablets.
4.The speed is stepless speed can be adjusted.
5.The mechanical and electrical integration, the use of touch keys and a display screen (speed, output, fault display).
6.The machine is equipped with dust collection device.
7.The double pressing for halving production.

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