Powder Grinding Machine


Coarse Crusher

Coarse Crusher Introduction Coarse crusher can crush large raw materials into small pieces of 1-20mm.It is mainly used for the initial grinding of products before the next grinding [...]


Powder Making Machine

Powder Making Machine Introduction Powder making machine is suitable for grinding the dry materials into powder, it is popular used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries. [...]


Fine Powder Grinding Machine

Powder Grinding Machine Introduction Powder grinding machine is mainly used to grind food, grains, medicinal materials, chemical industry, pharmaceuticals and seasonings into powder,such as pepper, sugar, rock sugar, [...]


Herb Grinding Machine

Herb Grinding Machine Introduction herb grinding machine also called powder making machine,it can be used to grind various Chinese herbal medicine material,such as Panax notoginseng, Tianqi, Baifuzi, Tiankuizi, [...]


Spice Grinding Machine

Spice Grinding Machine Introduction The spice grinding machine is mainly used into grinding spcie into powder, also can be used in other food and pharmaceutical industry, the final [...]

Mixing machine


Rotary Drum Mixer

Rotary Drum Mixer Introduction Rotary Drum Mixer is a kind of mixer that can move in two directions at the same time, one is the rotation of the [...]


3D Mixing Machine

3D mixing machine introduction 3D mixing machine can mixer material in 3 directions,it is one of the best mixing machines.It is composed of machine base,drive system,three-dimensional motion mechanism, [...]


Trough Mixer

Trough Mixer Introduction Trough mixer is a kind of horizontal mixers with single or double stirring arm.Compared to other mixers,trough mixer can thoroughly mixing dry power,wet powders and [...]


High Speed Mixer

High Speed Mixer Introduction High speed mixer is a high-speed mixing equipment specially developed for powder mixing with liquid.It is the popular wet powder mixing machine in the [...]


Ribbon Blender

Ribbon Blender Introduction Ribbon blender also called ribbon mixer machine,it is the most widely used type of powder blending machine in the market.It also can used for mixing [...]


V Cone Blender

V Cone Blender Introduction V Cone Blender also called V Type Mixer,it is one of the best mixers for mixing dry powder or granular materials.Widely used in medicine, [...]

Drying machine


Double Cone Dryer

Double Cone Dryer Introduction Double Cone Dryer is a kind of pharmaceutical drying machines integrating mixing and vacuum drying function.The process of vacuum drying is to place the [...]


Fluid Bed Dryer

Fluid Bed Dryer Introduction Fluid Bed Dryer,also called FBD,it is a drying unit for drying wet powder material or wet granulated materials in batch operations.Granulation and coating functions [...]


Vacuum Freeze Dryer

Vacuum Freeze Dryer Introduction Vacuum freeze dryer is a new type of dryer,also known as lyophilisation or cryodesiccation,which combines refrigeration system, vacuum system, heat conduction oil heating system [...]


Spray Drying Machine

Spray Drying Machine Introduction Spray drying machine also called Centrifugal Spray Dryer,which can spray liquid into mist through the atomizer, then the mist dried into powder after contacting [...]


Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryer

Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryer Introduction Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryer is a dryer that can work continuously.The material moves forward continuously under th vibration force, the hot air passes [...]


Hot Air Drying Machine

Hot Air Drying Machine Introduction Hot air drying machine also called drying oven or food dehydrators, it is the popular food drying machine in food industry and pharmaceutical [...]



Rapid Mixer Granulator

Your Professonal Rapid Mixer Granulator Manufacturer Rapid Mixer Granulator also knowed as the name of RMG machine,It is a kind of granulator that can complete mixing, humidifying and [...]


Wet Powder Granulator

Wet Powder Granulator introduction Wet powder granulator is used in the pharmaceutical, food, granule, chemical, solid beverage and other industries to make the mixed materials into required granules, [...]


Boiling Mixer Granulator Dryer

Boiling Mixer Granulator Dryer introduction This Boiling Mixer Granulator Dryer is mainly used in medicine, food, chemical industry.It can be used to dry wet powder,granule,block.etc wet material, also [...]


Oscillating Granulator

Oscillating Granulator introduction Oscillating Granulator also called wet granulator or swing granulation machine, it is used to make the wet mixture material into small granules by the rocking [...]


Wet Rotary Granulator

Wet Rotary Granulator introduction Wet Rotary Granulator can make the stirred materials especially the high viscosity materials into different sizes granules.It is mainly used in pharmaceutical, food, granulation, [...]


Dry Powder Granulator

Dry powder granulator introduction Dry powder granulator can make dry powder to granular directly , it is suitable for the material that cannot be granulated by traditional wet [...]

Filling machine


5-50kg powder weighing packing machine

5-50kg powder weighing packing machine introduction 5-50kg powder weighing packing machine is special used for weighing and packing for big bag powder material from 5-50kg/bag.The working process include [...]


Semi Automatic Auger Powder Filling Machine

Semi Automatic Auger Powder Filling Machine Introduction Semi Automatic Auger Powder Filling Machine is suitbale for weighing and fillingall kinds of powder such as: fertilizers, additives, flour, milk [...]


50kg granule weighing packing machine

50kg granule weighing packing machine introduction 50kg granule weighing packing machine is suitable for packing  granule products such as snack food, candy, seeds, peanuts, salt, monosodium glutamate, grain,animal [...]


Automatic Linear type granule filling machine

Automatic Linear type granule filling machine introduction Automatic Linear type granule filling machine is used to fill different kinds of granules into bottles and jars.Applicable to various shapes [...]


Fully Automatic Bottle Powder Filling Machine

Fully Automatic Bottle Powder Filling machine introduction Fully Automatic Bottle Powder Filling machine is the linear type auger filler for filling a variety of powders including spices, flour, [...]


Premade Bag Automatic Packing Machine

Premade Bag Automatic Packing Machine Introduction Premade Bag Automatic Packing Machine is a highly efficient automated packaging machine designed for the packaging of premade bags. This machine is [...]


Turntable Powder Filling Machine

Turntable Powder Filling Machine Introduction Turntable powder filling machine is a type of packaging equipment used to fill powdered or granulated products into containers such as bottles, cans, [...]

Vibrating sifter machine


Vibrating Sifter Machine Vibrating Screening Machine

Vibrating sifter machine introduction Vibrating sifter machine also called vibrating sieve,vibro sifter and vibrating. It can screen powder, granules, materials with small water content and slurry. Widely used [...]


Linear Vibrating Screen

Linear Vibrating Screen The linear screen uses the vibrating motor as the vibration source,The material enters the feed port then be thrown up on the screen and moves [...]

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