Powder Grinding Machines

Powder Grinding Machines are the essential equipment in the food and pharmaceutical industries.According to the material performance,the final product fineness and the different requirements of customers, Zhengzhou Hanghui Machinery has produced eight different types of grinding machines to choose from.Such as:

Coarse Crushing Machine,It is mainly used to crush the bigger materail to samll pieces,then for the next fine grinding process.

Universal Grinding Machine,the multifunctional grinding machine for many different kinds of material

Water Cooled Grinding Machine,the grinding machine with water cooling function for long time use.

Dust Collector Grinding Machine,the grinding machine with collecting dust function.

Micro Grinding Machine,the grinding machine that can grind fine powder to 80-320mesh.


Coarse Crusher

Coarse Crusher Introduction Coarse crusher can crush large [...]

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