How To Package Spices?

How to package spices plays a crucial role in preserving the freshness, flavor and quality of spices. In the spice industry, efficient and accurate packaging is crucial for maintaining product quality.Spice packing machine is also very important in spice processing equipment.Spice can be packed into different kinds and different size of bags,bottles and jars.In this article we will discuss several ways to pack spices.

how to package spices

This semi-automatic spcie filling machine can be used to fill different spice into bags,sachet,bottle or jar.It is also applied to fill all kinds of powder and mixed powder such as: fertilizers, additives, flour, milk
powder, coffee powder, washing powder, solid drink, sugar, monosodium glutamate, condiments, natural flavoring ,feed powder and so on.The filling range can be from 5-5000g by change moulds.

Semi Automatic Auger Powder Filling Machine price

Full-Automatic Spice Filling Machine For Bottle,Jar Or Cans

Jars and bottles are popular packaging options for spices.This full-automatic spcie filling machine can fill spices into bottle or jars automaticlly.The full line includes: bottle/jar sorting machine → automatic feeding machine → powder filling machine → capping machine (or can jar sealing machine) → aluminum foil sealing machine → labeling machine → inkjet machine → packing platform.

The full-automatic spice filling line is made of stainless steel, especially suitable for GMP certification.One filling line can fill different bottle and jar sizes by customize mould.

Automatic Spice Packaging Machine For Film material

This Automatic Spice Packaging Machine is suitable for pack spices into bags which material is roll film.This packing machine can complete all the work from measuring, bag forming, filling, sealing, coding, printing, cutting, counting and so on.The packing material can be Paper/ PE, PT / PE, PET / Plated Al / PE, PET / PE and filter paper etc. Packing range can be from 1-2000g by customize mould.

Premade bag Spice Packaging Machine

This premade bag spice packing machine is special used to pack and seal for the bags which is ready finished.This machine can complete taking premade bags, opening the bag, filling spice into the bag, sealing them.It can effectively save labour and avoid dust. The packing range can be from 30-1000g/bags.

FAQ of Spice Packaging

What material is best for spice containers?2023-07-31T17:29:54+08:00

An airtight and the material which won’t react with the spices or absorb their flavor is the perfect container.Such as Glass, stainless steel, tin or the plastic materials are best for spice storage.

What is suitable packaging for spices?2023-07-31T17:23:49+08:00

Currently, in the spice packaging industry common packaging options include:
1.Plastic bags
2.Plastic bottles or Glass bottles
3.Opaque containers or jars.

How long do spices last in plastic containers?2023-07-31T17:34:25+08:00

The common Shelf Life of the spices can be 2-3 years.The freshest time is within 10 months of being bottled.

How to make spices?2023-07-31T17:39:40+08:00

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