How To Dry Spices ?

How to dry spices and herbs well is the very important step in spice processing and herb processing,today we will talk about how to dry them.Spices and herbs are mainly from the bark, berries, root, stem, seed or leaves of plants, and are often used dried and powdered. Almost any herb or spice can be dried easily through an hot air drying or dehydration,even some of them need through freeze dry to preserve their color,taste and higher value.Below we briefly introduce how to dry spices and herbs by hot air drying machine.

how to dry spices

how to dry spices

Dry Spices By Hot Air Drying Machine

Hot air drying machine named as dehydrator, it is the common used drying machine to dry all kinds of spices,herbs,fruit chips,vegetables,jerky and so on.What should to we to use the machine dry spice or herbs? Here have 5 steps:

1. First cut large spices or herbs into small pieces or thin slices,which can save drying time.
2. Place the spices or herbs in the tray.
3. Close the door and Set the heating temperature and heating time to start heating
4. Turn off the power and cool the spices or berbs naturally.
5. Preserve or Grinding

hot air drying machine for spice and herbs

Recommendation Temperature For Dry Spices And Herbs

Spices Moisture% Temperature °C
Dry Chillies 18 – 20% 45-50°C
Dry Garlic 65 – 70% 40-50°C
Dry Onion 50 – 55% 50-60°C
Dry Cinnamon 30 – 40% 50-60°C
Dry Cardamom 30 – 35% 28-50°C
Dry herbs 35 – 70% 35-75°C
Dry Ginger 40 – 45% 40-50°C
Dry sliced lemons 50 – 55% 40-50°C
Dry Turmeric 40 – 45% 50-60°C
Dry Mushroom 40 – 45% 50-60°C

FAQ For Spices And Herbs Drying Machine

What material does your hot air drying machine use?2023-07-29T14:38:14+08:00

We can customize different machine material for hot air drying machine such as SUS201,SUS304 and SUS316, the common use is SUS304 material.

How long time need to dry the spices or herbs?2023-07-29T14:35:38+08:00

Our hot air drying machine can work continuously,The heating time can be set according to the actual drying requirements, generally 2-8 hours is ok.

What is the easiest way to dry spices and herbs?2023-07-29T14:28:25+08:00

There are 5 different ways to dry spices and herbs, Different drying methods can be selected according to actual needs and output requirements.

1. Dry naturally
2. Hot air drying machine
3. Mesh belt drying machine
4. Heat pump drying machine
5. Freeze drying machine

What is the best temperature to dry spices and herbs?2023-07-29T14:27:04+08:00

According to the moisture and nutrient content of the spices or berbs, the common temperature range is 20-75°C.

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