Spice Processing Equipment Introduction

Spice processing equipment plays a important role to make high-quality spices.If you plan on starting a spice business or make custom spice blend for your business,it’s important to invest in your own spice manufacturing process.The spice processing equipment include spice washing machine,spice drying machine,spice grinding machine,spice mixing machine,spice sifter machine and spice filling machine or spice packing machine. Today we will talk about the details of the spice manufacturing process.

Spice processing equipment

Spice Manufacturing Flow Chart:

1.Spice Washing And Cleaning Machines
2.Spice Drying Machines
3.Spice Crushing And Grinding Machines
4.Spice Vibrating Screen Machines
5.Spice Mixing And Blending Machines
6.Spice Filling And Packing Machines

Spice Washing And Cleaning Machines

There are two commonly used spice washing and cleaning machines, one is a high-pressure bubble washing and cleaning machine, which is mainly used to clean sediment, dust, etc. Another type of washing machine is the brush washing and cleaning machine, which is mainly used for washing and removing the skin of ginger,onions and root spices.

Spice Drying Machines

Spice drying and roasting machine: Some spices require specific treatments like roasting or drying to enhance their flavors and prolong their shelf life. roasting machine and hot air dring oven can achieve these objectives efficiently. These processes help to eliminate any residual moisture content, improve the stability of spices, and intensify their natural aromas.The batch type drying machine and continuous type drying machine are the popular model for drying spices.

Spice Crushing And Grinding Machines

Spices crushing machine also called spice coarse crusher,it is mainly used to crush the stiff and large pieces of roots spices into different small sizes from 0.5-20mm by changing sieve,then the small particles can be feed into the grinding machine directly.The popular used spice grinding machine is the model with Pulse dust collector and Cyclone dust removal to prevent dust and smell to the room.The final spice powder size can be 20-120 mesh by changing different size of mesh sieve.

Spice Vibrating Screen Machines

After the pulverizer, some unnecessary particles can be classified by the screening machine. The screening machine mainly include circular vibrating screen and linear vibrating screen. The level (grade) of the vibrating screen can be designed according to different need and the screen sizes can be replaced too.

Spice Mixing And Blending Machines

Spice mixing and blending machine is used to mix different ingredients of spices in specific proportions to get the good taste, such as Marsala, Allspice or Old Bay spice. Here we introduce two commonly used spice mixing machines,v type powder mixer and ribbon type powder mixer.

Spice Filling And Packing Machines

According to the different request of the markert, there are different types of filing and packing machines.Such as spice bag filling machine,sprice bag packing machine,bottle filling machine and full automatic bottle filling line.

1.Spice filling machine: This is a semi-automatci filling machine,can fill spice powder into bags or bottles,fill range is 5-5000g,can work together with the elevator and heating bag sealer

2.Spice bottle filling line: This is specail designed for filling powder into jars or cans, can work together with capping machine,labeling machine and coding machine for a full automatic powder filling line.

3.Prebag filling machine: This is a full-automatic packing machine for prebags with the function of sealing and coding.

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