Spice Grinding Machine Introduction

The spice grinding machine is mainly used into grinding spcie into powder, also can be used in other food and pharmaceutical industry, the final powder size can be 20-120mesh by change different mould,capacity from 20-1200kg/h.The main structure include Feeder, grinder, cyclone separator and bag filter.It can work together with the ribbon mixing machine and powder filling machine.

spice grinding machine

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Spice Grinding Machine Parameter

Model 30B 40B 60B 80B
Capacity 100-400kg/h 200-1000kg/h 500-1500kg/h 1000-5000kg/h
Power 9kw 15.5kw 27kw 49kw
Vlotage 240V/380V/440V 240V/380V/440V 240V/380V/440V 240V/380V/440V
Feeding size <6mm <10mm <12mm <15mm
Final size 20-120mesh 20-120mesh 20-120mesh 20-120mesh
Dimensions 3200*850*2380mm 3500*900*2380mm 6600*1100*2380mm 7800*1100*2500mm
Weight 880kg 1200kg 2000kg 3000kg


1. This spice grinding machine can work continuously
2. The grinding fineness is 70-400 mesh adjustable
3. Equipped with cyclone separator and dust collector, no dust in the process
4. The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel
5. Wide range of applications

Application Of The Spice Grinding Machine

This fine powder ginding machine is using in food industry,pharmaceutical industry and chemial industry,such as thermoplastic and fibrous materials, seasoning, pigment, biological, cosmetic, food, feed, plastic, carbon black, catalyst, aluminum hydroxide, graphite, paint, electronic material, rubber, Metallurgy, ceramics, building materials, cereals and other materials.

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