3D mixing machine introduction

3D mixing machine can mixer material in 3 directions,it is one of the best mixing machines.It is composed of machine base,drive system,three-dimensional motion mechanism, mixing cylinder and an electrical control system.It is mainly used for mixing powder and granules material.Compared to the ordinary mixers,3d mixer can mix the materials more evenly.

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Parameter Of 3D Mixing Machine

Model SYH-5 SYH-15 SYH-50 SYH-100 SYH-200 SYH-400
Volume 5L 15L 50L 100L 200L 400L
Max load volume 4.5L 13.5L 45L 90L 180L 360L
Max load weight 1.5-2.7kg 4-8kg 15-27kg 30-54kg 54-108kg 100-216kg
Speed 0-20r/min 0-20r/min 0-20r/min 0-20r/min 0-15r/min 0-15r/min
Power 0.25kw 0.37kw 1.1kw 1.5kw 2.5kw 4kw
Dimensions 600*1000*1000mm 800*1200*1000mm 1150*1400*1000mm 1250*1800*1550mm 1450*2000*1550mm 1650*2200*1550mm
Weight 100kg 200kg 300kg 800kg 1200kg 1400kg


3D powder mixer also called Three-Dimentional Mixing Machine and 3D blender,it can be used for mixing powder or granular materials with good flowing properties.It is widely used in the foodstuffs, pharmaceutical, chemical industries and scientific research units.

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3D Mixing Machine Features

1. Widly range in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, electronic, metallurgical
2. Evenly mixed, mixing rate reaches 99%
3. Mixing time is very short
4.304 stainless steel material, meet GMP strandard
5. The operation is simple and the speed can be adjusted

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