Ribbon Blender Introduction

Ribbon blender also called ribbon mixer machine,it is the most widely used type of powder blending machine in the market.It also can used for mixing solids,dry particle,liquid ingredient and liquid addition.The ribbon mixing machine is composed of container, spiral mixing blade and transmission part: the spiral blade is generally made of double, the outer spiral gathers the material from both sides to the middle, and the inner spiral conveys the material from both sides of the middle , forming convective mixing.

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Parameter Of The Ribbon Blender

Model Batch capacity Power Weight
WLDH-100 30-50 kg/batch 1.5-4 kw 300 kg
WLDH-300 100-150 kg/batch 3-3.5 kw 500 kg
WLDH-500 200-300 kg/batch 4-11 kw 900 kg
WLDH-1000 400-600 kg/batch 7.5-15 kw 1400 kg
WLDH-1500 600-900 kg/batch 11-18.5 kw 1900 kg
WLDH-2000 800-1200 kg/batch 15-22 kw 2500 kg
WLDH-3000 1200-1800 kg/batch 18.5-30 kw 3100 kg
WLDH-4000 1600-2400 kg/batch 22-37 kw 3600 kg
WLDH-6000 2400-3600 kg/batch 37-55 kw 5300 kg
WLDH-8000 3200-4800 kg/batch 37-55 kw 6800 kg
WLDH-10000 4000-6000 kg/batch 37-55 kw 7800 kg


Horizontal ribbon blender is widely used in chemical industry, medicine, compound fertilizer, dyestuff, pigment, rubber, building material, food, milk powder, health care product, feed, additive, aquaculture, bioengineering, fine chemical industry, ceramics, refractory material, rare earth Solid-solid (that is, powder and powder), solid-slurry (that is, powder and slurry) material mixing in industries such as plastic glass, new materials, and nuclear energy materials.

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Ribbon Blender Features

1. The ribbone mixing machine is made of SUS304,meet GMP standard
2. The mixing speed is fast, which can meet the strict requirements of various physical properties of raw materials during mixing;
3. The positive and negative ribbon spindles are in the horizontal position to form an efficient mixer environment;
4. Smooth operation, stable performance and easy maintenance;
5. Mixing with a certain proportion of inner and outer ribbons close to the critical speed;
6. The horizontal body is easy to install and adapts to most plant structures.

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