V Cone Blender Introduction

V Cone Blender also called V Type Mixer,it is one of the best mixers for mixing dry powder or granular materials.Widely used in medicine, food, feed, fertilizer, fuel, ore and other industries. The structure of this machine is very reasonable and easy to clean.

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Parameter Of V Cone Blender

Model HH-V50 HH-V100 HH-V200 HH-V300 HH-V500 HH-V1000
Volume 50L 100L 200L 300L 500L 1000L
Max Load 15kg 40kg 100kg 150kg 250kg  500kg
Power 0.75kw 1.1kw 1.5kw 1.5kw 2.2kw 4.0kw
Input Diameter Φ150mm Φ160mm Φ250mm Φ300mm Φ360mm Φ400mm
Ouput Diameter Φ80mm Φ100mm Φ150mm Φ200mm Φ200mm Φ200mm
Speed 20r/min 15r/min 15r/min 15r/min 13r/min 12r/min
Dimensions 1280*480*1250mm 1580*650*1460mm 2000*850*1440mm 2200*900*1470mm 2550*950*2250mm 3000*1200*2580mm


Medicine: Capsule granules,herbal condiments, herbal medicines
Feed: fish feed, poultry feed, wildlife feed, bird feed
Food: condiments, additives, vitamins, various sugar products, etc.
Fuel: a mixture of various firecrackers, pyrotechnics and other raw materials.
Ore: It can be mixed with a variety of powder or granular ores.

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V Cone Blender Features

1.The material can be used by high quality 304 or 316 stainless steel.
2.The overall closed structure, hygienic and safe, no pollution meets GMP requirements.
3.Widly used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries.
4.Evenly mixed, easy to operate.
5.Different sizes can be customized.
6.Can be used for assembly line operation.

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