Pill Deduster Machine introduction

Pill Deduster Machine also called Tablet Sieving Machine or Pill Sieving Machine,it is mainly used for tablet lifting and tablet dust removal together with tablet press machine in the pharmaceutical,food industries.

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Pill Deduster Machine parameter

Model SZS-230
Capacity 800000pcs/h(ф6mm)
Power 150W
Voltage 220V/110V
Tablet Diameter ф3mm-ф25mm
Dust distance 6m
Vacuum 1.8m3/min-0.01MPa
Air compressor 0.1m3/min-0.05MPa
Noise <75db
Dimensions 500*550*(1350-1500)mm
Weight 70kg

Features of the Pill Deduster Machine

1.Stainless steel material and Fully enclosed,meet GMP standards.
2.The height of the exit can be adjusted
3.The dust removal path is long, and it is automatically turned over and polished.
4.Easy to operate.
5.Can meet the mass production of 3-25mm tablets of various shapes
6.Screen and conveying speed can be adjusted
7. Can be used with automatic feeder and dust collector

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