Tablet Sieve Machine introduction

Tablet Sieve Machine is used to remove the powder and edge burrs on the surface of tablet, candy and capsule, the maximum capacity is 800000pcs/h,max diameter of the tablet can be 25mm,it is offten used in conjunction with tablet press machine.

Tablet Sieve Machine Price

Working video of the Tablet Sieve Machine

Tablet Sieve Machine Parameter

Model ZWS-137
Capacity 800000pcs/h
Voltage 220V/50HZ
Screen diameter 25mm
Sieve diameter 3mm
Screen barrel diameter 137mm
Speed 37r/min
Max Tablet Thickness 6mm
Air compressor 4kg
Dimensions 750*320*1030mm
Weight 37kg

Features of the Tablet Sieve Machine

1.Adopts compressed air blowing,centrifugal powder removal, and drum rotation to remove powder and burrs.
2.The whole machine is easy to disassemble and assemble
3.The height and angle of the inlet and outlet can be adjusted
4.Machine height can be adjusted
5.Stainless steel material meet GMP standard.
6.Can be used with automatic dust collector

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