What is Pill Sieving Machine

Pill Sieving Machine is designed for the removal of the pills burr dust special equipment,also suitable for tablet concentrating powder removal. Widely used in pharmaceutical, food and chemical industrial.the tablet and pill Polishing Equipment.Pill Sieving Machine can be worked together after the process of the table press machinein the tablet production line.

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Pill Sieving Machine parameter

Model CFQ-1
Capacity 0-550000pcs/h
Power 100W
Voltage 220V/110V
Tablet Diameter 5-15mm
Vacuum 1.8m3/min-0.01MPa
Air compressor 0.1m3/min-0.05MPa
Dimensions (ф315mm~ф350mm)×(900mm~1070mm)
Weight 38kg

Features of the Pill Sieving Machine

1.304 Stainless steel material meet GMP standards.
2.Speed can be adjusted
3.Multi-layer sieve structure to effectively separate tablets from dust
4.The powder separator is added between the sieve trays of each layer, which effectively prevents the powder sieved from the upper sieve tray from falling into the lower sieve tray.
5. The dust collector and compressed air can be used together to make the surface of the tablet clean and bright without generating static electricity.

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