Hot Air Drying Machine Introduction

Hot air drying machine also called drying oven or food dehydrators, it is the popular food drying machine in food industry and pharmaceutical industry. The heating temperature can be seted from 40-300℃,the heating time can be adjusted from 0-999 hours.

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Working Principle

Hot air drying machine adopts fully enclosed structure and high-temperature-resistant circulating fan, so that the hot air heated by the electric heating tube or the steam heat exchanger circulates in the cabinet. At the same time, it is equipped with automatic temperature control system, automatic dehumidification system and time control system. The heating temperature, heating time and dehumidification time can be reasonably set according to different needs to dry and dehydrate the material. This constant temperature structure makes the hot air circulate in the box, which strengthens the heat transfer, improves the evaporation rate of water, and shortens the drying time.

Working Video Of The Hot Air Drying Machine


Model CT-D1 CT-D2 CT-D3 CT-D4 CT-D5
Capacity 60kg/batch 120kg/batch 240kg/batch 360kg/batch 480kg/batch
Power 12kw 15kw 30kw 45kw 60kw
Voltage 220/240/440/480V 220/240/440/480V 220/240/440/480V 220/240/440/480V 220/240/440/480V
Trays 24 48 94 144 192
Trolley 1 2 4 6 8
Dimensions 1380*1200*2000mm 2260*1200*2000mm 2260*2200*2000mm 2260*3200*2000mm 4600*2200*2270mm

Hot Air Drying Machine Application

Hot air drying machine is suitable for heating and drying in medicine industry, chemical industry, agricultural products, aquatic products, light industry, etc. Such as Chinese herbal medicine, powders, granules,packaging bottles, pigments, dehydrated vegetables, dried fruits, sausages, beef jerky, electrical components, etc.

hot air drying machine application


1.The whole box adopts fully enclosed structure,which makes the hot air circulate in the box and save a lot of energy.
2.The high temperature resistant circulating fan is used to improve the heat transfer and reduce the noise.
3.The automatic temperature control system can keep the temperature in the box constant,improve the dry speed.
4.Insulation material with high density aluminum silicate cotton,Effectively reduce heat loss.
5.Suitable for drying and dehydration of materials in different industries.
6.Different layers of drying trollery and trays can be customized.

trays for hot air drying machine

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