Oscillating Granulator introduction

Oscillating Granulator also called wet granulator or swing granulation machine, it is used to make the wet mixture material into small granules by the rocking action of the rotating drum.It is more suitable for the processing the materials with high viscosity and mainly used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries.

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Oscillating Granulator parameter

Model HH-YK60 HH-YK160 HH-YK250
Drum diameter 60mm 160mm 250mm
Power 0.55kw 3kw 7.5kw
Capacity 20-30kg/h 200-300kg/h 300-600kg/h
Voltage 220v 220v/380v 380v
Swing angle 360° 360° 360°
Speed 45r/min 45r/min 45r/min
Dimensions 550*330*600mm 950*690*1180mm 1480*1200*1480mm
Weight 75kg 360kg 650kg

Swing granulation machine Application

It is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, food, scientific research units, laboratories, hospitals, health care plants, and it is a necessary equipment for the production of granules, tablets or capsules.

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