Dry powder granulator introduction

Dry powder granulator can make dry powder to granular directly , it is suitable for the material that cannot be granulated by traditional wet granulator and unstable under humid and heat conditions. The size can be from 0.3-6mm by change mesh. It can work together with Vibrating sifter machine.

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Working video of the Dry powder granulator

Dry powder granulator working prinpicle

1. Manual or automatic feed powder materials
2. Press roller press dry powder into flakes
3. The granulation system makes the flakes into different size of granules by change mesh

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Parameter of Dry powder granulator

Model GK-25 GK-50 GK-70 GK-120
Capacity 1-5kg/h 10-50kg/h 20-70kg/h 40-120kg/h
Power 2.1kw 6.2kw 6.2kw 15kw
Roller size 80*25mm 150*50mm 150*70mm 120*200mm
Final Granulator size 0.3-2mm 0.3-3.5mm 0.3-3.5mm 0.3-6mm
Pressure 0-7Mpa 0-7Mpa 0-7Mpa 0-7Mpa
Dimensions 700*600*1300mm 1250*790*1800mm 1250*790*1800mm 1500*1000*2000mm
Weight 280kg 1000kg 1000kg 2400kg

Dry powder granulator application

It is mainly used for dry powder granulation in pharmaceutical,food,chemical and other industries.

1.Pharmaceutical industry:Tablet pressing, Capsule filling and powder dialysis.etc
2.Food industry: Condiments, Spice,Health food,Instant food.
3.Chemical industry:Cosmetics, Pesticides, Chemical industry drugs, Detergents.
4.Electrical industry:Porcelain materials,Electromagnetic materials,Metallurgical particles.
5.Plastics industry:Phenol, Urea, Melamine, Epoxy resin.

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