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Rapid Mixer Granulator also knowed as the name of RMG machine,It is a kind of granulator that can complete mixing, humidifying and granulating processes at one time,it can save a lot of work and time.It is suitable for pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries.

Rapid Mixer Granulator

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Parameter Of The Rapid Mixer Granulator

Model GHL-10 GHL-50 GHL-150 GHL-200 GHL-250 GHL-300 GHL-400 GHL-600
Volume 10L 50L 150L 200L 250L 300L 400L 600L
Capacity 3kg/batch 15kg/batch 50kg/batch 80kg/batch 100kg/batch 130kg/batch 200kg/batch 280kg/batch
Mixing speed 300r/min 200r/min 180r/min 180r/min 180r/min 140r/min 106r/min 80r/min
Mixing Power 1.5kw 4kw 6.5kw 9kw 9kw 13kw 18.5kw 22kw
Cutting speed 1500r/min 1500r/min 1500r/min 1500r/min 1500r/min 1500r/min 1500r/min 1500r/min
Cutting power 0.85kw 1.3kw 2.4kw 4.5kw 4.5kw 4.5kw 6.5kw 9kw
Air consumption 0.6m³/min 0.6m³/min 0.9m³/min 0.9m³/min 0.9m³/min 1.1m³/min 1.5m³/min 1.8m³/min


1. This Rapid Mixer Granulator adopts reasonable horizontal cylinder structure.
2. Air-filled and sealed drive shaft, which can be switched to water when cleaning.
3. The granulator is spherical shape and has good fluidity.
4. The drying time is short
5. Each batch mixed time is 2 minutes and granulate time is 1-4 minutes.
6. The whole operation has strict safety protection measures.
7. Stainless steel material, in line with GMP standard

Application Of Rapid Mixer Granulator

RMG machine is mainly suitable for pharmaceutical, food, chemical industy,such as Rubber additives, food additives, plastic additives, catalysts, pesticides, fuels, pigments, daily chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc.

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