Double Cone Dryer Introduction

Double Cone Dryer is a kind of pharmaceutical drying machines integrating mixing and vacuum drying function.The process of vacuum drying is to place the material to be dried in a sealed cylinder, and heat the material to be dried while vacuuming with a vacuum system, so that the moisture inside the material diffuses to the surface through the pressure difference or concentration difference,and is sucked away by the vacuum pump to complete the separation from the solid.

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Parameter of Double Cone Dryer

Model Tank Volume Load Volume Heat Area Speed Power Tank Mpa Jacket Mpa Temperature Dimensions Weight
SZG100 100L ≤50L 1.16㎡ 4-6r/m 0.75KW -0.1-0.15Mpa ≤0.3Mpa Tank≤85℃ Jacket≤140℃ 2160*800*1750mm 800kg
SZG350 350L ≤175L 2㎡ 4-6r/m 1.1KW -0.1-0.15Mpa ≤0.3Mpa Tank≤85℃ Jacket≤140℃ 2260*800*2100mm 1100kg
SZG500 500L ≤250L 2.63㎡ 4-6r/m 1.5KW -0.1-0.15Mpa ≤0.3Mpa Tank≤85℃ Jacket≤140℃ 2350*800*2250mm 1200kg
SZG750 750L ≤375L 3.5㎡ 4-6r/m 2KW -0.1-0.15Mpa ≤0.3Mpa Tank≤85℃ Jacket≤140℃ 2560*1000*2490mm 1500kg
SZG1000 1000L ≤500L 4.6㎡ 4-6r/m 3KW -0.1-0.15Mpa ≤0.3Mpa Tank≤85℃ Jacket≤140℃ 2860*1300*2800mm 2800kg
SZG1500 1500L ≤750L 5.6㎡ 4-6r/m 3KW -0.1-0.15Mpa ≤0.3Mpa Tank≤85℃ Jacket≤140℃ 3060*1300*2940mm 3300kg
SZG2000 2000L ≤1000L 7.5㎡ 4-6r/m 4KW -0.1-0.15Mpa ≤0.3Mpa Tank≤85℃ Jacket≤140℃ 3260*1400*2990mm 3600kg
SZG3500 3500L ≤1750L 11.2㎡ 4-6r/m 5.5KW -0.1-0.15Mpa ≤0.3Mpa Tank≤85℃ Jacket≤140℃ 3760*1800*3490mm 6400kg
SZG4500 4500L ≤2250L 13㎡ 4-6r/m 7.5KW -0.1-0.15Mpa ≤0.3Mpa Tank≤85℃ Jacket≤140℃ 3960*2000*4100mm 7500kg
SZG5000 5000L ≤2500L 14㎡ 4-6r/m 11KW -0.1-0.15Mpa ≤0.3Mpa Tank≤85℃ Jacket≤140℃ 4400*2500*4200mm 8600kg


(1) The pressure in the cylinder is always lower than the atmospheric pressure,the density and oxygen content is low, so it can dry oxidized easily drugs and reduce material contamination.
(2)The moisture in the material can be vaporized at a low temperature during vacuum drying to achieve low-temperature drying, which is especially suitable for the production of pharmaceuticals with heat-sensitive materials.
(3) Vacuum drying can eliminate the surface hardening phenomenon that is easy to occur in normal pressure hot air drying.

Double Cone Dryer Application

This Double Conical Rotating Vacuum Dryer is suitable for vacuum drying and mixing of powder and granular materials in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries, especially for materials with the following requirements:

1. Heat-sensitive materials that cannot accept high temperature;
2. Easy to oxidize and dangerous materials;
3. Materials that need to recover solvents and toxic gases;
4. Materials requiring extremely low residual volatile content;
5. It is required to mix fully and uniform materials.

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