Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryer Introduction

Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryer is a dryer that can work continuously.The material moves forward continuously under th vibration force, the hot air passes through the fluidized bed and exchanges heat with the wet material, the wet air is discharged by cyclone separator and the dry material is discharged from the discharge inlet.

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Features Of Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryer

1. Energy saving 30%-50% compared with the ordinary dryer;
2. Low noise and long service life;
3. No dead space,Final product is very good
4. Fully enclosed structure and clean working environment
5. Drying speed is fast.
6. The product has good uniformity, fluidity and solubility.
7. For the moisture content of 40-60% (up to 90% for special materials), it can be dried into powder directly without crushing and screening.


Model Area of fluidized bed Temp of inlet air Temp of outlet air Capacity of evaporation Vibration motor Dimensions Weight
ZLG3*0.3 0.9㎡ 70-140℃ 40-70℃ 20-35kg/h 0.8*2kw 3000*1350*1650mm 1250kg
ZLG4.5*0.3 1.35㎡ 70-140℃ 40-70℃ 35-50kg/h 0.8*2kw 4500*1350*1650mm 156kg
ZLG4.5*0.45 2.025㎡ 70-140℃ 40-70℃ 50-70kg/h 1.1*2kw 4500*1550*1700mm 1670kg
ZLG4.5*0.6 2.7㎡ 70-140℃ 40-70℃ 70-90kg/h 1.1*2kw 4500*1650*1700mm 1910kg
ZLG6*0.45 2.7㎡ 70-140℃ 40-70℃ 80-100kg/h 1.5*2kw 6000*1650*1700mm 2100kg
ZLG6*0.6 3.6㎡ 70-140℃ 40-70℃ 100-130kg/h 1.5*2kw 6000*1700*1700mm 2400kg
ZLG6*0.75 4.5㎡ 70-140℃ 40-70℃ 120-140kg/h 2.2*2kw 6000*1850*1850mm 2340kg
ZLG6*0.9 5.4㎡ 70-140℃ 40-70℃ 140-170kg/h 2.2*2kw 6000*2000*1850mm 3160kg
ZLG7.5*0.6 4.5㎡ 70-140℃ 40-70℃ 130-150kg/h 2.2*2kw 7500*1850*1850mm 3200kg
ZLG7.5*0.75 5.625㎡ 70-140℃ 40-70℃ 150-180kg/h 3.0*2kw 7500*2000*1850mm 3600kg
ZLG7.5*0.9 6.75㎡ 70-140℃ 40-70℃ 160-210kg/h 3.0*2kw 7500*2100*1850mm 4100kg
ZLG7.5*1.2 9.0㎡ 70-140℃ 40-70℃ 200-280kg/h 3.0*2kw 7500*2500*2050mm 5200kg

Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryer Application

1. Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry: Various tablets, boric acid, borax, various additives such as catechol.
2. Food Industry: Chicken essence,Distiller’s grains, monosodium glutamate, sugar, salt, bean seed,Amino acids, vitamins, egg powder, bone meal, condiment, protein, milk powder, pig blood powder,coffee, tea, glucose, potassium sorbate, pectin, flavor, spices, vegetable juice, yeast, starch etc.
3. Chemical Products: reactive dyes, organic catalysts, silica, washing powder, zinc sulfate, silica,calcium carbonate, potassium sulfate.etc.
4. Ceramics: Alumina, zirconia, magnesium oxide, titanium oxide, magnesium titanate, ceramic clay, various ferrite, etc.
5. Others: Mineral powder, metal powder, steel sand, bait, furfural, silica sand, toner, pottery, glutamic acid, quartz, grinding materials, fertilizer,etc.

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