Fluid Bed Dryer Introduction

Fluid Bed Dryer,also called FBD,it is a drying unit for drying wet powder material or wet granulated materials in batch operations.Granulation and coating functions can also be configured in the dryer.It is popuar worked together with the high speed mixer.

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Parameter Of Fluid Bed Dryer

Model GFG60 GFG100 GFG120 GFG150
Capacity 60kg/batch 100kg/batch 120kg/batch 150kg/batch
Power 8kw 12kw 12kw 17kw
Mixing Speed 11r/min  11r/min  11r/min  11r/min
Time 15-30min/batch  15-30min/batch  15-30min/batch  15-30min/batch
Steam consumption 140kg/h 170kg/h 170kg/h 240kg/h
Height 2700mm  2700mm  2700mm  2900mm


This fluid bed dryer is widely used in the following industy
1.Wet granules and powder materials in pharmaceutical, foodstuff, feed, chemi cal, and agrochemical industries.
2.Wet Granules made by extruder, oscillating granulator, or high speed mixing granulator.
3.Special large granule and small blocks that have adhesive property.

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Fluid Bed Dryer Features

1.The structure of boiler dryer is round so it is smooth inside without dead corners.
2.Mixing device inside of the hopper which can avoid agglomeration of wet material.
3.The granule is discharged by tipping over the hopper. The discharged system can be designed as per customer requirements.
4.Easy to operate and clean
5.Fast drying speed and the temperature is uniform. The drying time is normally 20~30 min per batch.
6.Operated at sealed negative pressure and designed by GMP
7.All parts use 304 stainless steel

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